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PublicAssets Launches in BETA

What started as a vision two years ago--to catalogue the world's public assets--has led us to today launching the world's first comprehensive catalogue of public assets for any asset class in any country. Hello world!

Public assets, including real estate, natural resources, infrastructure, government-owned companies, currency, loans, and more make up the world's biggest set of asset classes. Though no one knows the exact value, the World Bank and others have estimated global public assets at over $300T. That's far bigger than the world's capital markets and bigger than all the world's commercial and residential real estate combined. And though many assets don't make sense to sell or are national treasures, governments continually recycle assets to meet financial obligations and changing societal needs, however, have never had a marketplace of information around the assets entrusted to them.

Today, specifically, we launch the first catalogue and service that provides the public, commercial real estate agents, and any interested party free access to property records for the 4.5m+ office buildings, warehouses, health care facilities, laboratories, airports, ports, land, and much more owned by over 90,000 towns, cities, counties, states, authorities, districts, and the United States Federal government. Governments across all levels in the United States own 10B+ square feet of commercially-oriented space and over 650m acres of land. To this catalogue of owned real property, we've added RFPs / RFIs governments have for leasing commercially-oriented space and engaging with commercial real estate brokers for services. We've also added information on the leases for commercial space governments have with private, third-parties. This information provides governments, the commercial ecosystem, and the world with far clearer insight than every before as to the real estate governments own, lease, and need to more efficiently and effectively deliver value to the public. The data are not perfect nor complete, and never will be, however, our goal is to continue to improve the data over time and open up the platform for more frequent and accurate updating to provide the highest-quality information possible.

In addition to ownership data, we publish requirements and leasing data for many governments, however, it's a fraction of those across the country. Over the coming months we will also begin adding information on government properties available for sale, lease, or (re)development. As we build up data, add functionality, and get feedback from visitors and customers alike, we are calling this Beta. Beta will last through the end of 2016 and during this time we are offering reduced prices on our two plans: Connect and Plus.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, questions, or praise. We look forward to hearing from you and of course, adding to the value we provide the world and meeting our mission of cataloguing the world's public assets.


Skip Rudolf
Founder & CEO
PublicAssets, Ltd.

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An Update for the New Year

With 2017 here, we wish you a Happy New Year and want to provide an update on what we've been up to since our soft launch this past summer. Suffice it to say, it's all been about data, data, data! Information and relationships are the life-blood of a leasing agent's deal pipeline so that's where we've focused our efforts.

Over the past several months we've added 10,000 lease expirations. With the addition of data from numerous states, including Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Montana we offer lease data for 47 of the 50 U.S. states. We've also added data from governments across many MSAs, including Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and have gone much deeper across greater New York, Florida, and California. How deep? We have leases for hundreds of smaller governments, such as El Segundo, CA, population 16,654.

With governments more eager to hire brokers to represent them, we're focusing on adding timely requirements governments have for brokers to represent them in leasing and sales transactions. We also add hundreds of leasing requirements and requirements for development services each month.

Though contracting protocol may be slightly different, just like in the private sector, to gain credibility and trust, it's essential to build solid relationships with government officials. Want to engage with the real estate portfolio head for the cities of New York, Wauwatosa, or Lemon Grove? How about the leasing official for St. Petersburg, Warren County, OH, or Mohave County, AZ? We have them and thousands of officials.

In 2017 we'll continue adding lots more data, as well as features and functionality to make discovering and managing opportunities in the government CRE sector simple and rewarding. Hoping you have a safe and fulfilling year. And if you have any questions or comments, please send me e-mail.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Skip Rudolf
Founder & CEO

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Capstak and PublicAssets Announce Strategic National Commercial Real Estate Partnership

Capstak to distribute PublicAssets' national database of government leases and RFPs across the United States through its mobile technology platform

RENO, NV & SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Capstak and PublicAssets are pleased to announce the launch of a nationwide strategic partnership whereas Capstak has on-boarded PublicAssets’ database of billions of dollars of government commercial leases and RFPs onto the Capstak proprietary Haves & Wants platform for the commercial real estate industry. 

“The government CRE market is 15% of the total commercial real estate market in the United States and is extremely active. Capstak’s digital deal platform for commercial real estate professionals and cutting-edge mobile technology is the ideal channel to distribute PublicAssets’ database to drive deal flow and opportunity for governments, agents, and the broader CRE ecosystem,” said Skip Rudolf, CEO of PublicAssets. 

“Governments are leasing more space than ever and acting more commercial than ever,” said Michael Schnabel, Co-CEO of Capstak. “Leveraging Capstak’s Haves & Wants proprietary technology, tens of thousands of formerly hidden opportunities to lease, dispose, and acquire property will get exposure to local and national markets.”

Commented Heather Goldman, Co-CEO, Capstak, “The industry has long lacked an inventory of government assets that’s readily accessible to the community in a way that supports local governments and companies to optimize their commercial real estate holdings. We are thrilled to be partnering with PublicAssets to bring this visibility to the market in a way that can drive transactions.”

About PublicAssets
PublicAssets is cataloging the capital assets owned by governments around the world. The company's first service is a government commercial real estate platform that provides CRE professionals access to billions of dollars in previously hidden opportunities in the massive and dynamic government commercial real estate market. The company has aggregated parcel data, lease expirations, requirements, and contacts for the 95,000+ governments, authorities, and special districts across the United States.

About Capstak
Capstak is a market network that centralizes the commercial real estate industry and its activities through actionable-connectivity. Capstak’s proprietary technology solutions empower the $15 trillion commercial real estate industry by enabling CRE professionals to find deals, source capital and identify trusted business partners with greater ease and efficiency. The company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with offices in New York and San Francisco.

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