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From office listings in CBDs and retail spaces at transit hubs to developable lots and investment opportunities, PublicAssets is a service for government real estate that offers CRE professionals access to unique opportunities not available in the private commercial market.

The 90k+ governments and authorities across the United States own 3m+ buildings and 650m acres of land. Each year, they sell and lease billions in commercially-oriented real estate and are involved in 100k+ deals, development opportunities, and billions in commissions that have been off-market until now.

PublicAssets ensures that agents, developers, investors, and other professionals can access:
4.5M+ Property Records &
1,000s Office, Industrial, Retail, Land Requirements
10,000s Contacts
100,000s Lease Expirations
Instant Alerts & SavedSearches
Commercial Real Estate Agents

Governments at all levels across the United States own 20% of the country’s commercially-oriented space and lease up to 50% of what they occupy. Contrary to popular opinion, they are constantly buying, selling, and leasing billions in real estate each year.

PublicAssets brings the dynamic government market to the mainstream by offering commercial real estate agents comprehensive listings of available, lease expirations, and current lease and purchase requirements.

Search and review records, requirements, and expiring leases at at no cost. [Upgrade] to Plus to access contact information, brokerage and leasing requirements, and lease expirations.


Governments are increasingly motivated to get unproductive properties back on the tax rolls and to recycle assets that don’t meet current needs. This translates into increasing investment opportunities for a wide variety of real property.

From office buildings and warehouses to city blocks and vast tracts of land, PublicAssets specializes in providing investors with the most comprehensive set of records and listings that offer unique investment opportunities.


Governments large and small appraise a massive number of parcels and buildings each year and there’s no better source of real property records, listings, and appraisal opportunities than with PublicAssets.


Governments and authorities offer developers some of the most unique and large-scale opportunities in the market. Whether as Public-Private Partnerships or purchase opportunities, PublicAssets offers developers the most comprehensive and efficient way to identify opportunities and directly connect with the officials who matter.