COMPANY Arizona State Student Health Services
Tempe, AZ

From land and buildings to natural resources and infrastructure, most of us interact with and rely on public assets many times a day. The world, however, has lacked an inventory of government assets. PublicAssets is cataloguing those assets so citizens can understand what they own, and so governments and companies can proactively engage for more opportunities and better outcomes.

Our first service is a government commercial real estate platform that enables agents, developers, investors, appraisers, and others to identify opportunities that help governments generate revenue, put properties back on tax rolls, and expand economic opportunities.

SKIP RUDOLF Founder & CEO Skip has been leading marketing and sales for Silicon Valley start-ups and global Enterprises since 1996. From helping develop several of the Web’s early business models to building the world’s #3 online bookseller, Skip’s passion is developing world-class teams that prove out revenue models and scale online businesses.
DANIELE FARNEDI Advisor Daniele is one of Silicon Valley’s leading technologists with over 20 years of technology leadership experience. Before serving at CTO of Trulia, Daniele led engineering at, Looksmart, and Blackrock.