Government Listing Services

PublicAssets offers a suite of listing service that make it easier to manage and
get unparalleled exposure for your listings in your local and regional market.

Easily manage and market your commercial and residential real estate listings for free!

If you manage listings for a single department or for numerous client agencies, our universal
upload and listing management service simplifies how you and others manage, standardize,
enhance, and market your commercial and residential listings.

You and those you invite can add a single listing at a time or upload files with unlimited listings.

Uploaded files don’t need to be uniformly structured; we automatically detect headers (regardless of column order) and data values, and standardize them (see an example)

Edit listings online individually or in bulk

Download listings in many formats (including .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .txt, .pdf, and .dot) to your own local drive or cloud storage service

Your listings are displayed for free on PublicAssets, where commercial and residential investors, buyers, developers, agents, and users access the most government real estate listings.

Listings are ready to be distributed to many of the largest commercial or residential real estate sites through our MarketConnect™ service

Your account and files are secured by SSL

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Get more and better offers

Promote your listings on the most popular commercial and residential sites

MarketConnect™ enables you—with a single click—to promote one or more of the listings you choose to many of the largest commercial and residential real estate Web sites

Commercial properties can be displayed on 42Floors and

Interested parties reach out to the specified point of contact—including your agent—directly

MarketConnect™ listings are month-to-month so there’s no commitment

Even if you have a commercial real estate agent or have a property going to an online auction site, MarketConnect™ is the only affordable way to get your listing in front of millions of local, regional, and national buyers, agents, developers, and investors

Payment methods include credit card and invoicing

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