PublicAssets today announced that it has launched the first comprehensive Web site and suite of promotional services that help governments and public entities achieve better outcomes in real estate markets. Each year, the 95,000 public entities across the U.S. strive to sell commercial assets, 100,000s of tax-foreclosed residential properties, and enter PPP (re)development agreements. Yet, most governments and public entities [report] that their greatest challenge is getting enough offers. PublicAssets offers a free listing site and promotional services designed to deliver greater exposure and more offers. 

With PublicAssets, governments and public entities can:

  • Add Unlimited Listings & Collaborate Across Teams
  • Create Marketing Flyers for Free With a Single Click
  • Get Exposure to 100K Buyers, Investors, Developers & Agents in the PublicAssets Database
  • Promote Listings to Millions on the Most Popular Listing Sites

The company's site and services serve the broad range of real estate owned and marketed by the Federal government, states, counties, municipalities, authorities, and special districts, including office space, tax-foreclosed houses, industrial land, affordable housing, mixed-use developments, transit retail spaces, parking lots/garages, medical facilities, and the entire breadth of government real estate.

Watch the video to learn more.

To learn more about how PublicAssets get help deliver better outcomes in real estate markets for your government, please send us email.