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The 95,000 governments across the United States own 16% of the country’s commercially-oriented space, lease up to 50% of what they occupy, and sell 100,000s of residential properties annually. Although most listings and deals have been off-market until now, governments are constantly buying, selling, and leasing billions in real estate each year.

PublicAssets brings the dynamic government real estate market to the mainstream by connecting governments, buyers, investors, developers, and brokers in local, regional, and national commercial and residential real estate markets.

PublicAssets offers governments a suite of listing services to help them get better outcomes in real estate markets. We provide free access for developers, investors, brokerages, agents, move professionals, contractors, and other professionals to:
200,000+ Commercial &
Residential Listings
100,000s Commercial Lease Abstracts &
10,000s Contacts
Instant Alerts & Saved Searches